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During a tasting, I had the pleasure of tasting the wines of Azores Wine Company and Fita Preto Vinhos, by the great winemaker António Maçanita.

More than producing a wine, it creates a whole story from a “terroir”.

They are wines that make us travel and that do not leave us indifferent. Great surprises in the mouth…

Azores Wine Company

An authentic trip through the Azores, namely Pico Island.

Verdelho “O Original” 2016

The original because we speak here of the Portuguese variety Verdelho of the Azores. The wine brings salinity, minerality. We have the feeling of diving in the sea. A production of 3 000 bottles.

Terrantez do Pico 2016

He used an autochthonous caste that would disappear to give it life again. At the beginning of the project, there were 57 feet and today there are several growers to plant it. We find again minerality, salinity, but more unctuous, greedy, more gastronomic with a good finish of mouth…

Arinto dos Açores “Sur Lies” 2016

Despite the name, it is not the same variety used on the Continent. We are present a wine with great freshness, a lot of minerality and a very present acidity and a persistent finish. A gastronomic wine that we recommend with a production of 2 200 bottles.

Fita Preto Vinhos

We talked about a 2004 project in Alentejo, to create special wines, especially the “signatures series” that are on the market every 2 months. They are high quality wines with an appealing image that arouses our curiosity.

Touriga Vai Nua 2016

We find here a national monkey tureen in its essence, without barrel, only at a stage of 3 months in stainless steel. We have the feeling of having the grape in its splendor, that the grape went straight into the bottle. Very subtle, which is rare for a national touriga monocast. The harvest is done at night! The wine has a lot of quality, freshness and a lot of elegance.

Trincadeira não é tão preta 2015

One more monocasta but this time with the breeding quilt. Trincadeira is the most commonly used variety for blends in the Alentejo and although it is the second most planted variety in the Alentejo, it is considered as the black sheep because of its poor productivity. But an excellent wine came out, with a lot of freshness and good structure.

Baga ao Sol

We continue in the monasties but this time with Baga. The result is completely different from a berry from your region, Bairrada. We feel the role of your “terroir”, with a certain astringency, freshness, well balanced. A bet made!

Preta Reserva 2013

Finally, a fantastic wine in honor of the English consultant and winegrower David Guthe with whom António Maçanita started the project. A wine produced in specific years, exceptional.

Alicante Bouschet, Aragonês and 5% of Baga are the grapes that make up this wine, with an aging of 18 months in French oak barrels. The wine has a good structure, firm and ripe tannins, good acidity and a hard and hard finish … simply a good experience.

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