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Wine Lovers & Co

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The company of a good wine, friends or just in the company of other wine lovers...

We are passionate about wine and we want to share this passion with people who appreciate wine and who want to discover more about Portuguese wine, with gastronomic visits, wine tastings, wine routes, events and our wine bars and restaurants tips ...
With approximately 200 native grape varieties and 14 wine regions, Portuguese wine has a lot to say and we are here to guide you.
As the great poet Fernando Pessoa put it:
``Good is the life, but the wine is better``
We toast together!!


Wine Lover

I am a passionate about Portugal and its gastronomy. I know the world of wine well and I am proud to show the beauty of our landscapes and the quality of Portuguese wines. For me, discovering a city, a country, is also discovering its gastronomy and its inhabitants. With our visits, our tastings and our wine routes, I will make you discover all the wealth of Portugal and that Portugal is not just Port wine.


Wine Lover

Marisa é uma apaixonada por Lisboa e como todos os portugueses, pela sua gastronomia. Ela fará-vos descobrir as iguarias portuguesas atravessando os diferentes bairros e as suas histórias. Em algumas horas, descobrirão Lisboa e a gastronomia portuguesa partilhando um ótimo momento com ela.


Wine routes

“A great visit to Lisbon with Tony followed by a wine tasting and tapas. Loved it!”

by Nath Georges – in Facebook

Wine routes

“Great day with Tony.

Beautiful visit and great tasting”

by Jean Louis Pierre – in Facebook